Established in 1973, the Save Our Beach Association (SOBA), a non-profit organization, welcomes everyone interested in improving the quality, safety, beauty, and ecology of a very special place – Surfside Beach, Texas. The SOBA Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 76-0604817 and is organized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Interna Revenue Code.

Monthly Meetings

SOBA members meet every month on the Saturday following the council meetings, which are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month. We meet at City Hall in Surfside Beach, TX. We are involved in many civic activities, but having fun is also a priority. Come and join us for a meeting or special event. Whether you live on the island or just come to visit, we shall greatly appreciate your involvement.

Beach Clean-up

On all weekends in the summer and on Spring Break SOBA members pass out trash bags and greet visitors at the main gates. SOBA works in close association with the Parks and Wildlife Department during the State of Texas Adopt-A-Beach semi-annual beach clean-ups in April and September.

Dune Protection

We host Dunes Day in January when discarded Christmas trees arrive in Surfside Beach in the rental trucks that we rent, fuel, load, and unload.  We stake trees and tie them in rows in front of the dune line to assist in catching blowing sand to help their building process. The dunes are a vital part of flood and wave action control in a tropical storm or hurricane. SOBA also plants vegetation in the sand piles that will eventually become dunes.

Beach Signage

For years, the association provided signage for the beach visitors to inform them to stay off the dunes and of the ban on burning Christmas trees that we placed on Dunes Day.


Membership dues to the Association are $15 annually per person or $25 annually per family. We distribute a newsletter each month to keep everyone, including our out-of-town members, abreast of all present and future events. We also have a Facebook page, where we post events and other updates.

Fundraising Events

T-shirts and koozies are for sale at all events or from members. We use the proceeds from these sales in our ongoing community projects. The annual event “Treasures by the Sea” marketplace includes vendors who make hand-built and hand-thrown pottery, mosaics, jewelry, handmade soaps, antiques, collectibles, local honey, and much more.