Established in 1973, the Save Our Beach Association (SOBA), is a non-profit organization that welcomes everyone interested in improving the quality, safety, beauty, and ecology of a very special place – Surfside Beach, Texas! SOBA members usually meet every month at 11:00 AM on the Saturday after the month’s Surfside Beach Village Council Meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. Here are just a few of our activities. 

June 10, 2023 – SOBA Membership Meeting from11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the home of Debra Bittick, 206 Beach Drive. Bring a chair and food and drink to share.

November 11, 2023Treasures by the Sea: SOBA hosts this annual fundraising event from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Features a marketplace of over 40 vendors who make pottery, mosaics, jewelry, soaps, and much more. Learn more here.

Ongoing Projects:

Dunes Day: On the third Saturday of every January, SOBA organizes and assists with staking down discarded Christmas trees in order to help build back the sand dunes. Learn more here.

Trash Bag Project: On all weekends in the summer and on Spring Break SOBA members pass out trash bags and greet visitors at the main gates. Learn more here.

Dune Vegetation Project: SOBA uses its funds to purchase seat oats and its members plant the oats along the dunes.

Sea Turtle Patrol: Working closely with the Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN), SOBA members help patrol our beaches and look for nesting sea turtles. Learn more here.

Memorial Sea Oats: Rather than releasing balloons in the memory of your loved one, which litters the beach and can kill wildlife, please consider a more lasting memorial: planting sea oats. Learn more here.

Membership is just $15 annually per person or $25 annually per family. Corporate Membership is available for $250 per year. We release a newsletter each month to keep everyone, including our out-of-town members, abreast of all present and future events. Learn more here.